A collection of video projects assigned by Northwestern's O&P program, which consists of reviewing anatomy & physiology muscle groups as well as gaining insight with upper limb challenges that patients have experienced long term by performing daily tasks with one hand.
"Avoiding lava:" A lower limb functional movement discussing the agonist muscles involved, innervations involved, the 2 sets of movement I chose to explain for this project, and biomechanics.
Grabbing items from a kitchen cabinet: A functional movement of the shoulder joint and discussing its agonist muscles, innervations, and types of movement in different planes.
Pulling items out of a car trunk: A functional movement of the spine along with the associated joints, muscles and innervations.
Cooking with one hand: An upper limb functional task while concealing one hand to simulate and gain insight on the everyday challenges that persons with upper limb amputations face.
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